New release!

Minglings book 1: The Merger, my new Isekai Portal fantasy story is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Having scales on certain places wasn’t what Jake and Mason had imagined the end of the world to start with!

Undead AI: Part 1

The companion story to Nothing but bones, Undead AI part one has been released to Amazon and Kindle unlimited! Amazon and Kindle It followed the adventures of an AI as it travels the now undead infested world. Read the reviews here.

Again and again

My second book, Again and again, is available on Amazon and Kindle! It’s a GameLit, dark comedy horror story about Anton. He and the rest of humanity are banished to a hellish place, where escape seems to be a pipedream.

NBB3: The lethargy

The third and final book in the first series of Nothing but bones, is available on Amazon and Kindle! Saving the world without a body is a whole lot more difficult if nobody can even hear you! Well… nobody?

NBB2: The Chaos Rifts

The second book of Nothing but bones, is available on Amazon and Kindle! Not all undead are the same, as Solus will soon find out. Some are out for your mana-core and are willing to do anything to rip it from you.

NBB1: The Wasteland

I am happy to announce that my first book, Nothing but bones: The wasteland is out and available on Amazon and Kindle. It’s a dark sci-fi fantasy book with a cast of the undead set in a post-apocalyptic world. Read the reviews here.


John Carrarn is a forty-year-old husband, and father of one who lives in the Netherlands. Most of the day, he sits behind a computer, solving software problems. For over thirty years, he has been spending his free time reading whatever fantasy and sci-fi he could get his hands on, from Tolkien to Dan Simons’ Hyperion. When he wasn’t reading, he was playing fantasy and sci-fi games.

Nowadays, when he isn’t reading or writing, he spends time with his wife and son, hits the gym, or cooks Italian food.

You can keep up with what John is doing at GoodReads as well as stalk him on Facebook and Twitter.